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Quiche with vegetables, vegetarian recipe

Easy Zapallo and Onion Quiche

Zapallos are an Argentine squash, very similar to a zucchini.  They are buttery and mild and one of the cheapest vegetables at the verduleria.  They are versatile and can be incorporated into a number of dishes, but I think they make great quiches.


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Verduleria: Argentina Vegetable Stand

Another Blog Tribute to My Verduleria

I know …. I talk a lot about my verduleria.  Because honestly, I love it.

There are three different fruit stands that I frequent, but of course I have my favorite.  Its run by Marli and her husband, and their adorable 2 year old son.

When I went

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Tarta de Zapallo Receta Argentino

Green Ricotta Tart with Zapallo

Green Ricotta Torte / Verde Ricotta Tarta

I don’t use recipes, but that won’t stop me from writing one.

I went to the fruit stand in search of zucchini, but since non GMO produce is seasonal, there weren’t any!  My friend at the fruit

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