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Dustin Luke Tells Us: Why Argentina?

Interview by Vivi Rathbone.

Dustin Luke Drinking Mate

August, 2008, Buenos Aires – Sitting in the office of the owner of a large Buenos Aires night club, loudly negotiating in perfect Spanish exact terms with the club owner, an intimidating man with a raspy voice, who is best described as mafioso, twenty-four Dustin Luke had a surreal experience.  

It was that kind of impalpable movie-moment when first-person time stands still, but everything else keeps moving around him – the passionate negotiations that to an outsider might appear to be a heated argument.  Dustin heard only silence, and was struck by the profundity of his realization that “this is my life right now”.  Running a successful business in a wild foreign city, just a year out of college, negotiating big deals in his second language.  The realization that he had met his goals to perfect a second language and run a business by the age of 24 was incredibly satisfying.

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