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On A Winter’s Day

How to let go, give in, enjoy and be healthy and happy this winter

When the shortest day of the year leads to the longest night. When the light is wanning and gives way to darkness. The image of a snowy starlit night, winds whistling through the windows covered in frost while we sit in front of the fire in a

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All the Soup in Buenos Aires

Gimme the soup, gimme the soup!

I mostly wanted to write this article to make a Biggie reference, but also to thank the BA food gods for finally getting up on their soup game. As many long-term expats can attest to, the local food scene has (tread lightly

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Casa Coupage With My Diplomat, Not My Prince

By Vivi Rathbone.

Winter was the season of despedidas.  The economy took a turn for the worse and the weather grew cold and expats started to question why they tolerate the total locura of this city that seems to suffer needlessly and thrive on chaos

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