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Casa Coupage: Buenos Aires Closed Door Restaurant for Wine Lovers 8

After Dining At Casa Coupage, No Other Restaurant Will Ever Please Us

By Kevin Vaughn.

As we left the comedor of Casa Coupage, my eating partner, socia and general favorite lady pal Evy said to me, “Sometimes perfection seems effortless”.  That’s exactly how I felt in that moment, and how I still

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Argentine Wines - What Wines to Try in Buenos Aires 3

CONVENIENT WINES: Top 5 Picks For Wine at the Convenience Store

Article by Sharon Salt.   

Look, clearly one of the best parts of living in Buenos Aires is the wine. The wine, the wine, some empanadas, and the wine. I feel obligated to point out that while it’s true that YES I drink a lot of wine

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Crab and Gumbo NOLA Closed Door Restaurant Buenos Aires

NOLA Chef Dishes on Life as A Closed Door Restaurateur

By Vivi Rathbone.

Confession:  I am a fan.  I met Liza Puglia, of NOLA Chef fame through her blog, then Twitter, then Facebook, then real life.  First she was a chef, then a blogger, then the star of her own pop-up

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