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What to Do, Eat, and Drink in Villa Crespo

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride, Villa Crespo has long been treated as the “forgotten step-sister” of bordering Palermo, which is arguably the most popular neighborhood in Buenos Aires for tourists looking

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ira de dios

Behind the Scenes of Art Gallery ‘La Ira de Dios’

I’ve been getting familiar with the Buenos Aires art scene for a while now, bobbing in and out of a few gallery openings, or indulging in the occasional temporary art installation. I’ve taken my curious eyes all

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Food at @ Do Fu, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Authentic Chinese Food in the Middle of Villa Crespo

Chinese food has been ruined for me by one evening where the stars aligned and I had Chinese take-out so delicious it made my toes curl. It was just two years ago, sometime between Christmas and New Years and I was visiting

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Proyecto Duo Turns the City’s Medianeras into Giant Canvases

Article by Sorcha O’Higgins.

The medianeras of Buenos Aires are a distinctly porteño architectural feature. Rising up to tower above the smaller-scale buildings in their shadows, these blank side walls of high-rise apartment buildings

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iLatina, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Discovering Latin America with Every Bite at iLatina

Flavor. That’s what I look for in food. Bold, dangerous, and sometimes just downright confusing flavor.

In Buenos Aires, spicy, sour, and smoky are harder to find than a pastry that isn’t drowning in dulce de leche

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Malvon Villa Crespo Brunch in Buenos Aires Pancakes with currant jam

Malvon, A Favorite

Malvon is a favorite, but I use the word ‘favorite’ far too often, which negates its correctness.   This funky, run-down house in Villa Crespo serves up a noteworthy weekend brunch, and we all know: brunch is my favorite favorite.


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