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The Jueves a la Mesa duo, courtesy of their Facebook page.

Jueves a la Mesa: Brand New Location, Same Delicious Vegetarian Eats

Article by Rachael Leonie.

If you’ve ever watched a Hollywood rom-com, you know what a meet-cute is (and if you’ve ever watched The Holiday you’ll remember it outlined perfectly, verbatim). It’s the scene in a movie when a couple comes

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The Juice Bar Palermo Soho 4

The Factory: Buenos Aires’ First & Only Thriving Juice Bar

By Rachel Leonie.  

Of all the romantic anecdotes about expats finding their way to Buenos Aires, there isn’t one quite like Ayaz and Liyanleth’s. But then again, if there was, maybe I wouldn’t have

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Caseros San Telmo Restaurant Buenos Aires - oranges

Caseros: Hearty Helpings on Dainty Dishes

By Vivi Rathbone.

Simple food done well – soft, bright, airy atmosphere – hearty dishes served on vintage floral print porcelain – ending it all with a lovely little coffee – when paired with the right company, this could become

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Kevin Vaughn, MASA club de tacos, Soup recipe

Springtime Is Served: Jalapeño + Cucumber Soup

Article and Recipe by Kevin Vaughn, Head Chef of MASA Club de Tacos.

Saturday afternoon I was greeted by an unexpected flood of “Feliz dia’s”, which is nothing out of the ordinary for this feriado ridden country. But when I found out what

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KEvin's Japanese Pancakes with Shrimp Recipe

Kevin’s Hashbrown Mashup

Recipe by Kevin Vaughn of the ever-delicious Masa Club de Tacos.

Sometimes I wonder if some higher power is playing the soundtrack to my life. Wouldn’t it be spectacular if we were all assigned DJ-ing deities

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meghan2 with sofi, cooking class buenos aires, jueves a la mesa

You Can Be a Vegetarian in Argentina, If You Can Cook. Jueves a la Mesa Comes To The Rescue.

Article by Sharon Salt.

You might already know Sofi and Meghan from Jueves a la Mesa, a popular puerta <a href="

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Ricotta Empanada, Esquina de los Flores

Esquina De Los Flores: Homestyle Vegetarian Food In Palermo Soho

Esquina de los Flores is the most unique Argentine restaurant.  It isn’t the fanciest, it isn’t the most exciting, but it is totally different than any other place I’ve been in the city.  Esquina is an all natural, vegetarian restaurant

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Quiche with vegetables, vegetarian recipe

Easy Zapallo and Onion Quiche

Zapallos are an Argentine squash, very similar to a zucchini.  They are buttery and mild and one of the cheapest vegetables at the verduleria.  They are versatile and can be incorporated into a number of dishes, but I think they make great quiches.


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Meraviglia, Organic Vegetarian Merienda Palermo Hollywood Cafe con Tostados

Meraviglia: Organic, Vegetarian Merienda in Palermo Hollywood

 The ‘organic movement’ has not caught on in Argentina as it has in the states.  With fewer consumer options and a different commerce structure you won’t find an organic produce section in the grocery store.  While grass fed beef

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Bio Vegetarian Restaurant Palermo Hollywood Quinoa with Brie

Bio – Vegetarian Friendly Dining in BA

Simultaneously exotic, yet familiar of the foods I once ate – Bio is one of the few organic and vegetarian restaurants in Buenos Aires.

I took Blair here for her first night in town.  Blair has been vegetarian for the last year, so I thought

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