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The Lonely-Hearts-Club Tango Binge, or, Karenina’s Dopamine

Tango was a great distraction.

Maybe I was addicted to the dopamine rush. Tango made me buzz. I could feel my vibration rise when I danced; I’d return late at night, and lie wide awake in bed. 

I had danced tango four nights in a row because

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The Rebirth of We Are Tango: Tango Show and Cultural Art Space

You are officially invited to the opening of the new and improved We Are Tango. After a brief hiatus, the interactive tango show has re-opened its doors in Almagro – BA’s unofficial tango neighborhood

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Tango Fever

Milonga Etiquette: 8 Things to Know Before You Tango

Article by Sharon Salt.

To many outsiders and first-timers, milongas are uncharted territory: dark and smoky halls brimming with lust, loss, and longing. Everyone, it seems, knows everyone else; and everyone, it seems, knows how to dance perfectly

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A Truer Tango for Tourists: Narrative Tango Tours

Article by Sharon Salt.  Photo – El Cabeceo, by Tom Gettelfinger.

Tango has earned its place on the top of any Buenos Aires tourist to-do list, and with good reason. But while plenty of tourists are happy to

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The First Time I Danced Tango

By Vivi Rathbone.

First I had my heart broken,  then I learned to dance tango.  It had to happen in that order.  

The night I had my heart broken, I also happened to be hosting a dinner party, so that was convenient

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Tips for Planning Your Trip To Buenos Aires

By Nora Wallenius.  

Planning a trip to a foreign city may seem daunting and just a little bit nerve racking. Luckily, there are plenty of resources available, many of them easily accessible over the internet

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