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La Boca Walking Tour: An Afternoon in One of Buenos Aires’ Oldest Neighborhoods

When I arrived to Buenos Aires I was warned that there was one neighborhood to avoid from dusk til’ dawn: La Boca. Out of all the Buenos Aires neighborhoods that tourists visit, Boca has and still gets a bad rap. I

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Hollywood in Cambodia, Palermo, Buenos Aires

Hollywood in Cambodia: Palermo’s Beautiful Chaos

On a particularly colorful block of Thames in Palermo, you will find a haven for some of the most well-known street artists in Buenos Aires.  You might not know it at first glance – as it happens to be perched

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An Interview With Street Artist Malegría

You might not know this but the walls of parking garages in Buenos Aires are prime real estate. They’re big ‘n’ ugly and often their owners are happy to turn them over to an industrious street artist

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Expressions of Culture: A Buenos Aires Street Art Tour

I just had the coolest day.  And I have a lot of cool days, so that’s saying something.  I went on a Street Art Tour with Buenos Aires Street Art.

To see graffiti and murals is an unavoidable daily occurrence.  Public art enriches the already stimulating

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An Afternoon with Lucas Lasnier aka Parbo

Getting ready for my interview I contemplated whether I should indulge in classic porteño fashion and postpone—it is cold, it is raining, why would we ever leave our houses? I reminded myself how it took me about 2 weeks

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Following the Street Art of Buenos Aires

The streets of Buenos Aires evoke many images: the men of Once hustling boxes from one street corner to the other, beautiful jacarandas in bloom in the quiet northern barrios, the undeniable charm of sitting in an old cafe on a cobblestoned street

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Street Art in San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Exploring the Street Art of San Isidro

Art-lovers alike are lured to Buenos Aires with promises of an erupting Latin American art scene. You can explore history through art at the world-famous MALBA, or for the more unconventional craftsman, the walls of

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The Walls of San Telmo Talk

Article by Rick Powell, founder of San Telmo Art & History Walk.

The walls of Buenos Aires are rarely blank and they never stop talking. It’s just that maybe we’re not always listening. After all, it’s hard

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Weekend Portfolio: Teko van Kuyk

Teko van Kuyk paints on canvas, paper, and in the streets.
Graffitimundo New Gallery in San Telmo Street Art 3

Art Off The Streets: Graffitimundo Opens Gallery Space

Article by Sharon Salt.

The Graffitimundo Gallery isn’t hard to find. It’s located at Carlos Calvo 736 in San Telmo, but perhaps it’s the bright stencil art creeping between the doors

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