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The Lonely-Hearts-Club Tango Binge, or, Karenina’s Dopamine

Tango was a great distraction.

Maybe I was addicted to the dopamine rush. Tango made me buzz. I could feel my vibration rise when I danced; I’d return late at night, and lie wide awake in bed. 

I had danced tango four nights in a row because

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Unidentical Twins

Learning to Listen, Hearing the Music

 By Rachael Leonie.  

There’s nothing quiet about Buenos Aires.

In San Telmo, the sounds of the city crescendo to exploding heights the further you dive into Calle Defensa. Palermo emits a softer melody of café

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The Wanderita Rachael Brandt

The Accidental Expat: Top 3 Reasons I’m Thankful I Didn’t Go Home

Article by The Wanderita, Rachael Leonie.

I never planned on living in Buenos Aires. I didn’t come to escape the chains of routine. I wasn’t looking for a room to rent or a job to cushion my stay. And I certainly wasn’t planning on falling in

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Buenos Aires Tango Street Photography

The First Time I Danced Tango

By Vivi Rathbone.

First I had my heart broken,  then I learned to dance tango.  It had to happen in that order.  

The night I had my heart broken, I also happened to be hosting a dinner party, so that was convenient

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Ceramic Mate Gourd

The Ceramic Gourd

By Vivi Rathbone.

Once I had an wooden mate gourd that I loved.  It was a gift from an amazing friend.

It was deep and warm and held a lot of yerba.  It was a vessel of love that pumped tea, circulating it from thermos through bombilla to stomach

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The Scientist’s Shirt

There are some little love stories that you never forget.

I woke up with a hangover.  My house was a mess.  Wine bottles everywhere.  That was a nice little party last night, hey?

I put my apron on at 9am to wash the dishes.  As I rolled up my sleeves

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