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San Telmo Art & History Walk: A Tour Through the Neighborhood’s Myth and Legend

Let me start of by admitting something about myself. I love tours. Walking, graffiti, or a historical walking tour, they are each a sensual treat on my proverbial cake. So when given the chance to attend the <a href="

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Doppelganger, Buenos Aires, Argentina

What to Do, See, and Eat in San Telmo

San Telmo is the kind of a place with such a unique energy that it is hard to put your finger on what exactly makes it such a wonderful neighborhood. This relatively small barrio<span

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An Interview With Street Artist Malegría

You might not know this but the walls of parking garages in Buenos Aires are prime real estate. They’re big ‘n’ ugly and often their owners are happy to turn them over to an industrious street artist

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All The Beers in San Telmo

When I first arrived here in 2007, the quality of the beer disappointed me. The good cheap pivo in Prague, where I’d lived for 5 years, had spoiled me. Quilmes, the Miller Light of Argentina, just wasn’t cutting it. Once I found

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Parrilla Tour, San Telmo Asado, Choripan

The Parrilla Tour, San Telmo’s Best Asado

Buenos Aires’ Asado culture has made the city a foodie travel destination.  Many of the restaurants listed in guide books or travel sites aren’t the best places in the city to enjoy an authentic parrilla experience.  The Parrilla Tour

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Buenos Aires Weekly Event Roundup: Oct 5 – 11

A hand picked selection of our favorite things to see, eat, listen to, dance with this week in Buenos Aires.

See An Art Show

Two shows by two of our favorite artists this week. Prolific street artist Diego Roa will be doing

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Your Weekly Event Roundup: Aug 24th – 30th

A hand picked selection of our favorite things to see, eat, drink and watch this week.

See An Art Show

Once a month the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (Av. LIbertador 1473) opens their doors on a Thursday

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The Walls of San Telmo Talk

Article by Rick Powell, founder of San Telmo Art & History Walk.

The walls of Buenos Aires are rarely blank and they never stop talking. It’s just that maybe we’re not always listening. After all, it’s hard

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The Jueves a la Mesa duo, courtesy of their Facebook page.

Jueves a la Mesa: Brand New Location, Same Delicious Vegetarian Eats

Article by Rachael Leonie.

If you’ve ever watched a Hollywood rom-com, you know what a meet-cute is (and if you’ve ever watched The Holiday you’ll remember it outlined perfectly, verbatim). It’s the scene in a movie when a couple comes

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Graffitimundo New Gallery in San Telmo Street Art 3

Art Off The Streets: Graffitimundo Opens Gallery Space

Article by Sharon Salt.

The Graffitimundo Gallery isn’t hard to find. It’s located at Carlos Calvo 736 in San Telmo, but perhaps it’s the bright stencil art creeping between the doors

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