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Easy Zapallo and Onion Quiche

Zapallos are an Argentine squash, very similar to a zucchini.  They are buttery and mild and one of the cheapest vegetables at the verduleria.  They are versatile and can be incorporated into a number of dishes, but I think they make great quiches.


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Potato, Leek, Onion and Cheese Brunch Casserole

Potato, Onion, and Leek Casserole, A Brunch-Worthy Dinner

Sometimes I can’t wait until Sunday morning to have brunch.  Sometimes I need to have brunch on Thursday evening.  Brinner, anyone?  This vegetarian casserole was simple to make, hearty and delicious.  It made a great dinner, and would be

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Slice of Cauliflower Pie with Caramelized Onions and Polenta Crust

Tarta de Coliflor con Cebolla Caramelizada

You’ve heard the story before.  Girl reads Smitten Kitchen.  Girl finds interesting recipe and pins it to her Pinterest Board.

I wanted to try Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for <a href="

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Mushroom Green Onion Quiche Recipe From Scratch

Mushroom Green Onion Quiche with Whole Wheat Crust

I purchased this organic whole wheat crust from Esquina de los Flores. It was great – chewy and wheaty.  It made the perfect crust for this vegetarian quiche.


1 whole

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Verduleria: Argentina Vegetable Stand

Another Blog Tribute to My Verduleria

I know …. I talk a lot about my verduleria.  Because honestly, I love it.

There are three different fruit stands that I frequent, but of course I have my favorite.  Its run by Marli and her husband, and their adorable 2 year old son.

When I went

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Tarta de Zapallo Receta Argentino

Green Ricotta Tart with Zapallo

Green Ricotta Torte / Verde Ricotta Tarta

I don’t use recipes, but that won’t stop me from writing one.

I went to the fruit stand in search of zucchini, but since non GMO produce is seasonal, there weren’t any!  My friend at the fruit

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