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The Walls of San Telmo Talk

Article by Rick Powell, founder of San Telmo Art & History Walk.

The walls of Buenos Aires are rarely blank and they never stop talking. It’s just that maybe we’re not always listening. After all, it’s hard

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Cecilia Lutufyan

Weekend Portfolio: Cecilia Lutufyan

Lutufyan's strange creatures stare at us as though they had something important to tell. What is it?
Defining the Undefinable with New Exhibit at Galeria Dacil flyer_marina_font

Defining the Undefinable with New Exhibit at Galeria Dacil

Article by Nora Wallenius.

Galeria dacil opened this exhibit of artist and photographyer Marina Font from Cordoba earlier in June. El Peso de Las Cosas (The Weight of Things) determines the “weight”

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Caseros San Telmo Restaurant Buenos Aires - oranges

Caseros: Hearty Helpings on Dainty Dishes

By Vivi Rathbone.

Simple food done well – soft, bright, airy atmosphere – hearty dishes served on vintage floral print porcelain – ending it all with a lovely little coffee – when paired with the right company, this could become

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Sharon Salt Buenos Aires

Who is Sharon Salt?

You might have noticed that Vivi is no longer the only one writing on this site.  Wondering who this new Sharon Salt is?  Read an intimate G-chat conversation between Vivi and Sharon – about their experiences in Buenos Aires.

VIVI: Estas?


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Carnival of Dreams

The portraits and fantasies of Gaby Messina at Elsi del Rio

The Art of Teaching

Pedagogy has developed methods that have become classical. These methods can be recognized through the generations and sometimes by former students of different countries. But education also comprises rules, politics and aesthetics that can only

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The spliced landscapes of Alejandro Argüelles

I knew there was a reason why I liked Alejandro Argüelles’ paintings at an exhibition at <a title="Wussmann" href="

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