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Time for Ceviche in San Francisco. This is La Mar.

By Vivi Rathbone.

Context and memory play powerful roles in all the truly great meals in one’s life.  – Anthony Bourdain.

Our waiter was in a rush.  He introduced himself and listed off the specials, and then explained the different sections of the menu.  He spoke so quickly that all of his words ran together, he would

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Crab and Gumbo NOLA Closed Door Restaurant Buenos Aires

NOLA Chef Dishes on Life as A Closed Door Restaurateur

By Vivi Rathbone.

Confession:  I am a fan.  I met Liza Puglia, of NOLA Chef fame through her blog, then Twitter, then Facebook, then real life.  First she was a chef, then a blogger, then the star of her own pop-up

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TASTE Event Buenos Aires Delivery Carracas

The Things I Discovered at TASTE

Buenos Aires Delivery has turned two!  I’ve been a big fan ever since I wrote about them almost a year ago.  Their growth and success have continued and in June they hosted TASTE – an event to say thank you to customers and restaurants.


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Buenos Aires Delivery Best Recommendations 2

What’s Good on BADelivery

Have you ever failed miserably at ordering delivery?  I have.  For some reason trying to deal with a delivery restaurant is one of the most confidence-crushing, uncomfortable situations of life abroad.  Menus with constantly changing prices, unreliable

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TRaditional clothes in cusco peru

Cusco, Peru – Photo Highlights of an Unforgettable Visit

I spent a week in Cusco, Peru with my family in December, 2010.  It was the first time we had all been together in a year, and it was a wonderful reunion.

Peru was a fantastic country to visit.  Peru has a fascinating history, incredible landscapes

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Peruvian Meal Sacred Valley Beautiful Hotel Decor

A Peruvian Meal to Remember

Driving through the Valle Sagrada, tucked up among the high mountains of Peru, we stopped for lunch at an amazing hotel.  In front of the hotel was a stable, so we were greeted by beautiful horses as we made our way towards the entrance.

Inside the

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