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Hollywood in Cambodia, Palermo, Buenos Aires

Hollywood in Cambodia: Palermo’s Beautiful Chaos

On a particularly colorful block of Thames in Palermo, you will find a haven for some of the most well-known street artists in Buenos Aires.  You might not know it at first glance – as it happens to be perched

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In the Honeycomb

Stepping into Trystan Bates’ workspace, the first thing I noticed was its sleek simplicity – only a handful of small, colorful pieces were hung up on the walls, with a single black and white table occupying the

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Parrilla Tour, San Telmo Asado, Choripan

The Parrilla Tour, San Telmo’s Best Asado

Buenos Aires’ Asado culture has made the city a foodie travel destination.  Many of the restaurants listed in guide books or travel sites aren’t the best places in the city to enjoy an authentic parrilla experience.  The Parrilla Tour

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Expressions of Culture: A Buenos Aires Street Art Tour

I just had the coolest day.  And I have a lot of cool days, so that’s saying something.  I went on a Street Art Tour with Buenos Aires Street Art.

To see graffiti and murals is an unavoidable daily occurrence.  Public art enriches the already stimulating

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Your Weekly Event Roundup: Aug 31 – Sept 6

A hand picked selection of the best things to eat, drink, see, and dance to this week.

See An Art Show

Grab a Julep at the bar at Festival before heading upstairs to art space Dinámica (Gorriti 5741) which will be inaugurating

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Proyecto Duo Turns the City’s Medianeras into Giant Canvases

Article by Sorcha O’Higgins.

The medianeras of Buenos Aires are a distinctly porteño architectural feature. Rising up to tower above the smaller-scale buildings in their shadows, these blank side walls of high-rise apartment buildings

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La Pastronería: BA’s Pastrami Mecca

True to form, pastrami became a thing in Buenos Aires from one day to the next. No aviso previo, not a single heads up, just a hey guys, I’m here. Even a paro naciónal gives a brother some warning

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The Break Club, Buenos Aires

Take a Break…Literally

Have you ever felt the need to break something? Throw your computer against the wall or smash a bottle in attempt to let off steam? Well, here’s your chance. Welcome to The Break Club.

The Break Club is clearly the black sheep of Palermo. Walk past

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Street Art Murals Graffiti Buenos Aires Cartoon Pum Pum

Keep Your Seat, I’m Not Pregnant

By Vivi Rathbone.

The first time someone asked me if I was pregnant on the subway, I was embarrassed.

Claire and I were standing near the doors in the B line.  In between the Carlos Gardel and Pueyrredon stations, a homeless child, who was juggling balls for spare change, came up and addressed me while pointing at my stomach.  It

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Brunch at M Palermo, or Give Me All the Shrimp

I’m not much of a bruncher. But before you light those pitchforks, let me explain. I’m not one to turn down salmon gravlax or eggs benedict (read: I don’t turn down food; read: cook for me!). I will welcome with open

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