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Olsen Buenos Aires Brunch Palermo Hollywood Granola Parfait

Take Me To Brunch Or Lose Me Forever

Here’s something about me: I don’t like going to the same restaurant twice, but I make exceptions for worthy invitations.

Dean suggested Olsen for brunch, but let me make the ultimate decision.  I suggested ten other restaurants, which

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Hernan Gipponi La Experiencia Gourmet de Navarro Correas Egg at 68c

A Dinner Worthy of a Thank You Note: The Hernán Gipponi Restaurant

Dear Senior Gipponi,

Thank you so much for the divine dinner last weekend!  Nora and I had a lovely evening.  We had heard so much about your restaurant after seeing <a href="

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Feria de las Pulgas, Palermo, Buenos Aires Flea Market Unique Furniture

Feria de las Pulgas

If you don’t stalk my Facebook Page (you should) then you probably wouldn’t know that I just moved.  When I arrived in Argentina I was quite mobile

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Las Cabras Parilla Palermo Hollywood Parillada Completa

Las Cabras

It’s Tuesday night at 9:30pm and I’ve been thinking about steak all day long.  Finally I’ve made it to Las Cabras – a popular dinner destination for many a Porteño.  Even early on a Tuesday the large dining room is filled

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Social Paraiso French Restaurants Buenos Aires Flan and Pear

Social Paraiso

Thank God for for friends who like going out to restaurants as much as I do.

Laura and I partook in a delicious meal at Palermo’s Social Paraiso.

I adored this place.  The decor is perfect understated elegance.  Classy enough to make you feel

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Osaka Yuku Peruvian Oriental Restaurant Palermo Hollywood Ceviche

Osaka Yuku: Peruvian Japanese Flavor Tango

If you’re looking for a unique and expensive meal, try Osaka Yuku, Palermo’s Peruvian Japanese fusion restaurant.  Yuku’s inventive chefs take traditional Peruvian ingredients

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Bio Vegetarian Restaurant Palermo Hollywood Quinoa with Brie

Bio – Vegetarian Friendly Dining in BA

Simultaneously exotic, yet familiar of the foods I once ate – Bio is one of the few organic and vegetarian restaurants in Buenos Aires.

I took Blair here for her first night in town.  Blair has been vegetarian for the last year, so I thought

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