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36 Hours at Atempo Design Hotel

Stay in Hollywood, hang in Soho.

That’s what I always tell friends that are coming to visit. Despite the flood of galleries, bars, restaurants and shops that have overtaken Palermo Hollywood and its equally hip neighbor

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La Pastronería: BA’s Pastrami Mecca

True to form, pastrami became a thing in Buenos Aires from one day to the next. No aviso previo, not a single heads up, just a hey guys, I’m here. Even a paro naciónal gives a brother some warning

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Pretty Books, Bainbridge Island, WA

Where to Buy English Books in Buenos Aires

Article by Brennan Lake.

Sorry, Ateneo didn’t make the list.

Forrest Gump might have said “Life is like a book store in Buenos Aires.”  For a city that abounds with bookstores, it can be surprisingly hard to find what you are looking

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Brunch at M Palermo, or Give Me All the Shrimp

I’m not much of a bruncher. But before you light those pitchforks, let me explain. I’m not one to turn down salmon gravlax or eggs benedict (read: I don’t turn down food; read: cook for me!). I will welcome with open

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Home Hotel Buenos Aires - Menu

Home Hotel, Indeed

Article and Photos by Sharon Salt.

Nestled in the middle of its block in Palermo Hollywood, Home Hotel is a small oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires. When its owners Patricia O’Shea

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Casa Coupage: Buenos Aires Closed Door Restaurant for Wine Lovers 8

After Dining At Casa Coupage, No Other Restaurant Will Ever Please Us

By Kevin Vaughn.

As we left the comedor of Casa Coupage, my eating partner, socia and general favorite lady pal Evy said to me, “Sometimes perfection seems effortless”.  That’s exactly how I felt in that moment, and how I still

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Meraviglia, Organic Vegetarian Merienda Palermo Hollywood Cafe con Tostados

Meraviglia: Organic, Vegetarian Merienda in Palermo Hollywood

 The ‘organic movement’ has not caught on in Argentina as it has in the states.  With fewer consumer options and a different commerce structure you won’t find an organic produce section in the grocery store.  While grass fed beef

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gaze, casa coupage, buenos aires closed door french restaurant

Casa Coupage With My Diplomat, Not My Prince

By Vivi Rathbone.

Winter was the season of despedidas.  The economy took a turn for the worse and the weather grew cold and expats started to question why they tolerate the total locura of this city that seems to suffer needlessly and thrive on chaos

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Sugar and Spice Frank Almeida Argentina Palermo Hollywood Best Cookies

Sugar & Spice, Frank Almeida’s Sweet Startup

Ten years ago, there were no cookies in Argentina.  Argentines were high consumers of alfajores and shortbread, but there was nothing comparable to a gourmet, high-class cookie.  No chocolate chip, no oatmeal raisin, no peanut butter: no cookies

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