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Buena Vida: The Good Life / Eats in Palermo Chico

Buena Vida means good life.  Good life like fresh squeezed lemonade with mint and ginger.  Good life like being close to the parks in Palermo Chico.   Buena Vida is a small cafe on Bulnes, with bright colors and buena onda.

They make a good, simple

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Pain au Chocolat

Give Us This Day Le Pain Quotidien

I studied abroad in Southwest France.  It was divine.

When I arrived, I spoke no French.  When I left I was fluent.  Today, I speak no French.

On my first day in town, my French neighbor told me: “There are only two phrases you need to know

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Dandy Brunch Buenos Aires Recoleta James

A Dandy, Indeed

Jamie came back to Buenos Aires after ten months in Los Angeles.  He used to call me baby, but now it was ‘babe’.   My one time muse was back for a quick visit.  So we went for brunch.

“You live in Beverly Hills, don’t

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Sunset Stock 16

Que Rica La Vida

By Vivi Rathbone.

I took five taxis yesterday.

The first driver, on a hurried trip from Palermo Soho to Palermo Chico told me about when he migrated from Santa Fe to Capital eighteen years ago.  He noted that all of the street names are the same in

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Volta Ice Cream Buenos Aires Kilo de Helado Dulce de Leche

Ode to Ice Cream: Volta

Meghan, Puri and I were bored on a sunny Sunday.  It was too cold to go to the parks, but sunny enough that we knew we should be outside.  Nothing was on TV, but we wallowed on Meghan’s futon – channel surfing in total futility.  Puri

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