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Living Organic in Buenos Aires

Eating organic in Buenos Aires takes a bit of work and planning, but the extra effort is worth every delicious bite. Some of you may know that Monsanto is in full

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Ricotta Empanada, Esquina de los Flores

Esquina De Los Flores: Homestyle Vegetarian Food In Palermo Soho

Esquina de los Flores is the most unique Argentine restaurant.  It isn’t the fanciest, it isn’t the most exciting, but it is totally different than any other place I’ve been in the city.  Esquina is an all natural, vegetarian restaurant

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Meraviglia, Organic Vegetarian Merienda Palermo Hollywood Cafe con Tostados

Meraviglia: Organic, Vegetarian Merienda in Palermo Hollywood

 The ‘organic movement’ has not caught on in Argentina as it has in the states.  With fewer consumer options and a different commerce structure you won’t find an organic produce section in the grocery store.  While grass fed beef

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