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Parrilla Tour, San Telmo Asado, Choripan

The Parrilla Tour, San Telmo’s Best Asado

Buenos Aires’ Asado culture has made the city a foodie travel destination.  Many of the restaurants listed in guide books or travel sites aren’t the best places in the city to enjoy an authentic parrilla experience.  The Parrilla Tour

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Nailme BAires Manicures in Buenos Aires

NailMe BAires: Not Your Average Manicure

Article by Sharon Salt. 

I met Kristin Gutekunst, founder of nail art studio NailMe BAires, at her near-empty
apartment in Monserrat.

She recently moved in with her boyfriend in Las Cañitas.

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Buenos Aires Foodie Tour - Cooking Class

My Beautiful Air’s Foodie Foto Tour

Over the past three years I’ve had the chance to try out some of the best tours in Buenos Aires.  After seeing how the professionals do it, I decided to come up with my own tour, to share a few of my favorite Buenos Aires things with the world

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Sunset Stock 17

Yoga Classes in Buenos Aires

Paying it forward to the other yoginis:

Valle Tierra

Plaza Armenia.  Ashtanga and other sacred traditions.  Warm Rooms.  Crowded locker space.  Great 1hr 15 minute classes.

Buena Onda

Canitas, Recoleta, San Telmo.  Moonlit yoga sessions.  Classes

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DayClicker Photo Tours Las Canitas

Night Clicker Photo Tour in Lively Las Cañitas!

Last week I attended an expedition to photograph the nightlife in Las Cañitas with Amelia McGoldrick of DayClicker fame!

Amelia, fun tour guide and resource-full teacher of photography, provides a set of creative clues to capture while exploring.  After

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A Porcelain Teacup of Happiness at Felicidad

Felicidad is Spanish for Happiness. Joy. Cheer. Satisfaction.

I met up with Amelia McGoldrick of Day Clicker Photo Tours

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