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La Boca Walking Tour: An Afternoon in One of Buenos Aires’ Oldest Neighborhoods

When I arrived to Buenos Aires I was warned that there was one neighborhood to avoid from dusk til’ dawn: La Boca. Out of all the Buenos Aires neighborhoods that tourists visit, Boca has and still gets a bad rap. I

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The BA Tourist Traps That Are Actually Worth a Visit

Article by Nora Wallenius

In the world of travel, the word sightseeing often conjures negative connotations. Getting a local feel for the city has become the ‘correct’ way to travel. When did sightseeing become something only gawky

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boca game in action

Expat Rite of Passage: The Boca Juniors Game

Article by Sharon Salt.

I may not be the most devout fútbol fan, but I always know when there’s a Boca game.

In the early afternoon before each match, I’ll pass clusters of people in blue and gold on the streets around my San Telmo apartment, some

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Drinking Mate Nature Reserve Rio de la Plata, Buenos Aires Bike Tour

Biking Buenos Aires

Remember when you learned to ride a bike?  Remember that feeling of euphoria?  Let this video of kid after his first successful bike ride remind you of the feeling:

I felt almost as enthusiastic to get back on a bike and spend my afternoon

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YaYa Bean Behind the Sauce

Ya Ya Bean: Behind the Sauce

They wouldn’t tell me what Ya Ya Bean means.

But they did tell me a little more than the straight-forward story that you’ve read on the back of La Boca Roja hot sauce bottle.

Hola we are Ya Ya Bean: hot sauce guys, musicians, and above all best

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