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MASA Chef Cooks Up Comfort Food

Article by Sharon Salt.

MASA die-hards, take note: as of late, this Club de Tacos might be more aptly named Club of All Foods Good and Hard-to-Find<span style="line-height

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Portrait of Chef Juan Carlos Lopez

Chef Juan Carlos Lopez on Cooking in Buenos Aires

Article and Interview conducted by Rick Powell, San Telmo connoisseur of all things artistic.

The first time Juan Carlos Lopez got a standing ovation for his cooking was when he made simple tacos for 25 hungry backpackers at an art hostel in San Telmo

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La Mar, Cevicheria, San Francisco, Peruvian Fusion, Chicha Morada

Time for Ceviche in San Francisco. This is La Mar.

By Vivi Rathbone.

Context and memory play powerful roles in all the truly great meals in one’s life.  – Anthony Bourdain.

Our waiter was in a rush.  He introduced himself and listed off the specials, and then explained the different sections of the menu.  He spoke so quickly that all of his words ran together, he would

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Bay Windows. San Francisco.

Beautiful in San Francisco

The light is different in San Francisco. It’s cloudy, and yet so bright that you can’t open your eyes completely.  It’s a blue light, and the architecture is painted in pastel.  The beauty and functionality of public transportation

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KEvin's Japanese Pancakes with Shrimp Recipe

Kevin’s Hashbrown Mashup

Recipe by Kevin Vaughn of the ever-delicious Masa Club de Tacos.

Sometimes I wonder if some higher power is playing the soundtrack to my life. Wouldn’t it be spectacular if we were all assigned DJ-ing deities

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Crab and Gumbo NOLA Closed Door Restaurant Buenos Aires

NOLA Chef Dishes on Life as A Closed Door Restaurateur

By Vivi Rathbone.

Confession:  I am a fan.  I met Liza Puglia, of NOLA Chef fame through her blog, then Twitter, then Facebook, then real life.  First she was a chef, then a blogger, then the star of her own pop-up

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