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Termas Cachueta Mendoza Natural hot springs

Making Memories with Malbec in Mendoza

By Nora Wallenius.  

“Expect to get into at least one crash.” This is the advice my Argentinian friend gave me when I informed her of my plans to travel to Mendoza, the wine and adventure capital of Argentina

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Doppleganger Bar, San Telmo, Cocktails in Buenos Aires, bellepoir

Doppelganger: No Beer, No Wine, No Soda and No Nonsense

By Sharon Salt.

It’s unlikely that you’ve walked pas Doppelganger, as it’s in San Telmo, and not Plaza Dorrego San Telmo, more like Parque Lezama San Telmo – a fair

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Sunset Stock 4

So, You Just Bought a 1-Way Ticket to Buenos Aires?

Hi Vivi,

I am a 22 year old, recent college-grad who just booked a one way ticket to Buenos Aires.  I am reaching out to anyone and everyone I can find who may have some advice for me as far as making a living in the city.  I have poured over the

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Sharon Salt Buenos Aires

Who is Sharon Salt?

You might have noticed that Vivi is no longer the only one writing on this site.  Wondering who this new Sharon Salt is?  Read an intimate G-chat conversation between Vivi and Sharon – about their experiences in Buenos Aires.

VIVI: Estas?


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