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An Afternoon with Ice Cream Scientists, Guilab

Working underneath the tutelage of Jamie Oliver (tutelage sounds so appropriate when talking about Jamie Oliver) is certainly something to write home about, but easily the coolest thing about Diego Guillén (besides

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Nonna Ice Cream in San Telmo Buenos Aires 2

Re Porteño: Mate And Fernet Ice Cream

By Sharon Salt. 

Here’s one of San Telmo’s best-kept secrets: off the corner of Defensa and Estados Unidos, only half a block from the Freddo and the Persico franchises that trap the tourists – for no reason other than they’re

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Arkakao Restaurant Recoleta Buenos Aires

Arkakaó – A Recoleta Treasure

Arkakao is a charming treasure to be found in the loveliest neighborhood of Recoleta.  I know Palermo is all the rage, and most people want to live there, but I don’t think any part of Buenos Aires can compare to the beautiful marble edifices

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Volta Ice Cream Buenos Aires Kilo de Helado Dulce de Leche

Ode to Ice Cream: Volta

Meghan, Puri and I were bored on a sunny Sunday.  It was too cold to go to the parks, but sunny enough that we knew we should be outside.  Nothing was on TV, but we wallowed on Meghan’s futon – channel surfing in total futility.  Puri

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Persicco Ice Cream Buenos Aires Helado Palermo

Tell Me, Why Can’t This Be Love?

Don’t tell, but I’m having an affair.  I think I’m in love.

With you. Yes you, Persicco.

I can’t stop thinking about you.  These naughty thoughts won’t leave my mind.  I give you lustful glances when I pass you in the

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