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All The Beers in San Telmo

When I first arrived here in 2007, the quality of the beer disappointed me. The good cheap pivo in Prague, where I’d lived for 5 years, had spoiled me. Quilmes, the Miller Light of Argentina, just wasn’t cutting it. Once I found

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The Wine Experience, Wine Tasting in Buenos Aires 3

The Wine Experience Is Not a Typical Wine Tasting

Article by Nora Wallenius.  

For those of you who have been to any type of wine tasting before (which I am hoping is everyone), there is only one thing guaranteed: red teeth. While drinking copious amounts of wine

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Empanadas de Humita Recipe Creamed Corn Pastry Vegetarian Cooking in Buenos Aires

Top 7 Foods from Buenos Aires

Article by Sharon Salt.

You haven’t finished seeing Buenos Aires until your stomach has had its fill, too. Here are the top seven foods (okay okay, foods and drinks) you need to check off before you can say you’ve seen – and tasted – it all:



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Argentine experience steak

Cultural Crash Course + Steak + Malbec = The Argentine Experience

By Sharon Salt.

Of all the foods and drinks most strongly associated with Argentina, empanadas, steak, alfajores, wine, and mate have got to be the top five. Normally I wouldn’t suggest eating them all in one meal, but when attending a <a href="

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