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Leslie Tessler Designs, Buenos Aires Fashion Designer, Winter Style Palermo, Brand Name

Leslie Tessler 2013 Trunk Show: Capes, Capes, Capes!

By Sharon Salt.

Winter is finally here, so it’s only fitting that Leslie Tessler just launched her new collection of capes. I was lucky enough to attend the

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Peanut butter in Buenos Aires, Manteca de mani

¿Dónde está la manteca de maní? An Exploration of Peanut Butter in Buenos Aires

Article by Oriana Pedone

It only took me two days to peruse my cable television in my homestay and find my new favorite channel: Canal 56, one of the two primary cooking channels of Buenos Aires. Toward the end of my first week in the cosmopolitan

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SUBA logo

SUBA: Startup Buenos Aires

Article by Sharon Salt.

As Lisa Besserman, 28, lets me into her apartment, she tells me she’s had a long night. Despite the feriado, she stayed up until 5AM working on a promotional video for her new company, Startup

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Sunset Stock 15

If I Live Overseas, Do I Have to File a US Tax Return?

Article by I.J. Zemelman, EA, Taxes for Expats

If you are an American Citizen living overseas and earning income…Yes, you are required to file an annual US expat tax return and report all worldwide income.  The good news, however, is that – unless

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Nora Leary - PR in Buenos Aires

BA’s PR Pro: Nora Leary

Article by Sharon Salt.

Nora Leary first came to Buenos Aires after suffering a serious case of reverse culture shock. She had just returned to the United States

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Buenos Aires Pink Park

Citibuddies: The Digital Compass in the Urban Jungle

Citibuddies is a new platform to connect people that share common interests.  This highly interactive connection platform can be used by locals and travelers alike, to discover new places and people based on shared interests.  The site is a forum

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