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Cyber URSA: Ethical, Small-Batch Argentine Accessories and Apparel 6

Cyber URSA: Ethical, Small-Batch Argentine Accessories and Apparel

Article by Sharon Salt.  Model Photos: Flor Lista.

Despite being nine months pregnant and dealing with mid-day traffic and a power outage, Liz Gleeson is a center of calm. All the chaos of Buenos Aires seems to slide off her back. She must

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Guarani Pora Paraguayan gallery and shop Buenos Aires 8

Guarani Pora: A Paraguayan Gallery

Article by Sharon Salt.

To find Guarani Pora, a Paraguayan gallery and shop, I first have to cross through a clothing store. I ring the bell, wait for the attendant, and then follow her behind a wall to the back of the floor where there is

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Dustin Luke 1

Dustin Luke Tells Us: Why Argentina?

Interview by Vivi Rathbone.

August, 2008, Buenos Aires – Sitting in the office of the owner of a large Buenos Aires night club, loudly negotiating in perfect Spanish exact terms with the club owner

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Broeders Craft Beer at NOLA Buenos Aires Restaurant 6


Review by our resident chef and food writer: Kevin Vaughn, of MASA fame.

I think that it was around the moment that the sound of Notorious B.I.G.’s “Juicy” filled the room, me on my second pint and seriously chowing

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Gaucho Garcia 1

Where Can You Get an Authentic Argentine Parrilla? Gaucho Garcia!

Article by Nora Wallenius.  

Everyone knows the best steak in the world is eaten right here in Argentina. Asados, poorly translated in English as barbecues, are a favorite national pastime, bringing friends, families, neighbors, and coworkers

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rachael palowski jewelry design buenos aires

Hausos: Rachael Pawlowski Creates With Her Hands

Interview by Sharon Salt.

Rachael and I reschedule our meeting to sidestep the massive heat wave that’s plowing, slow as molasses, through Buenos Aires. But even as the following week <span style="line-height

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Circle of Drink: Five Questions for Dave Mate

To know Dave Mate is to love him.

We started calling him Dave Mate, because many of our friends were named Dave, and this Dave was known to carry his mate gourd and termos with him wherever he went.  He initiated the most dynamic mate circles, leading

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buenos aires para chicas logo

Meet The Chica Behind Buenos Aires Para Chicas

Sharon Salt gchats with Amanda, the founder and author behind Buenos Aires Para Chicas, a Portuguese blog dedicated to all things good and girly in Buenos Aires.

AMANDA: heyy


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Acupuncture Buenos Aires - Lauren Dulberg

Armonía y Bienestar – Acupuncture Buenos Aires

Article by Sharon Salt.

Acupuncture is finally gaining awareness in Buenos Aires, and it’s thanks in large part to Lauren Dulberg’s new studio Acupuncture Buenos Aires.

Though there are various practices in the city, one of the first things Lauren

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Leslie Tessler Designs, Buenos Aires Fashion Designer, Winter Style Palermo, Brand Name

Leslie Tessler 2013 Trunk Show: Capes, Capes, Capes!

By Sharon Salt.

Winter is finally here, so it’s only fitting that Leslie Tessler just launched her new collection of capes. I was lucky enough to attend the

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