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Jungle Gym: Exercise in the Open Air

It’s about 9:30 on a Tuesday morning. Not only am I out of bed but I’ve also eaten breakfast, gotten dressed and am (big breath) exercising. It’s an unusually warm May morning and I’m running laps around the skate

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Choose Your Perfect School To Learn Spanish In Buenos Aires

Article by Brendan Knobel.

With a quick Google search one can easily find over 20 different Spanish schools in Buenos Aires.  A tourism boom after the 2001 economic crisis encouraged Spanish schools to pop up everywhere.  Due to inflation

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Kundalini Yoga Class Buenos Aires

Kundalini Yoga Classes in Buenos Aires

Article by Rachael Leonie.

A cozy home, a white-clad Yogi, and a didgeridoo:

Components for a Yoga class of a different kind.

Thursday afternoon, I pranced into Patricia’s home studio with two friends in tow: one, an experienced practitioner, and the other, an amateur ready for some Zen.  The beautiful Yogi (dressed in white with an

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Creative Winter Workshops in Buenos Aires

Article by Sharon Salt.

Winter is fast approaching, and I, for one, can only take so many days of Netflix Instant before Big Existential Ideas start knocking at my door, making me feel stir-crazy and also just normal crazy.

<span style="line-height

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