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Lo de Julio Exists. I Went There.

By Vivi Rathbone.

Kevin and I were wandering through Colegiales.  My high-heeled sandals were slowing me down as we crossed cobblestone streets in the dark.  Kev walked patiently as I regretted my shoe decisions, laughing the entire time

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Casa Coupage: Buenos Aires Closed Door Restaurant for Wine Lovers 8

After Dining At Casa Coupage, No Other Restaurant Will Ever Please Us

By Kevin Vaughn.

As we left the comedor of Casa Coupage, my eating partner, socia and general favorite lady pal Evy said to me, “Sometimes perfection seems effortless”.  That’s exactly how I felt in that moment, and how I still

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Main Course, Casa Coupage Closed Door Buenos Aires

Your Weekly Closed Door Guide: May 14th – 17th

Maybe one of the things we like so much about Buenos Aires is that it is a city that one can never finish discovering. Just when you thought you had it, it throws a new surprise at you. Part of that charm

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MASA Chef Cooks Up Comfort Food

Article by Sharon Salt.

MASA die-hards, take note: as of late, this Club de Tacos might be more aptly named Club of All Foods Good and Hard-to-Find<span style="line-height

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Kentucky, Pizza in Buenos Aires, Fast Food, calabresa pizza avenida sante fe

Kentucky: La Mejor Pizza A Las 6 De La Mañana

I kind of like being single on Valentines Day.

“Do you want to be single together?”  Kevin asked me.

Best invitation ever?  Yes.

Thus began a particularly epic Valentine’s Day that lasted twelve full hours and ended with me falling

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Kevin Masa Club de Tacos Beer Butt Chicken Recipe - Isenbeck Beer

Beer Butt Chicken, or: A Series of Fortunate Events

By Kevin Vaughn, founder and head chef of MASA.

All the stars aligned just so. A friend had gifted me a full bag of New Mexico chile powder, some weirdo with pesos to burn bought a six-pack of Isenbeck and forgot half of them in my refrigerator

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Fish Taco Recipe, MASA Club de Tacos, Avocado and Mango

The Glory Of The Most Decadently Simple Taco

Last weekend I hosted MASA’s first of many “Fiesta del fin del mes”, basically a poor man’s evening for all those that have a little hurt on the wallet at the end of the month, aka, everybody in Buenos Aires. I offer my insincerest apologies

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Kevin Vaughn, MASA club de tacos, Soup recipe

Springtime Is Served: Jalapeño + Cucumber Soup

Article and Recipe by Kevin Vaughn, Head Chef of MASA Club de Tacos.

Saturday afternoon I was greeted by an unexpected flood of “Feliz dia’s”, which is nothing out of the ordinary for this feriado ridden country. But when I found out what

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Pablo Malaurie Buenos Aires Live Music

Pablo Malaurie and The Case of The Japanese Siren

Article by Kevin Vaughn.   Photos by Brett Wishart.

It was a Saturday evening in March of last year. The weather was a perfect no jacket kind of night. I was on my way to a pre-concert concert at the fashionable Patio del Liceo in Recoleta with

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KEvin's Japanese Pancakes with Shrimp Recipe

Kevin’s Hashbrown Mashup

Recipe by Kevin Vaughn of the ever-delicious Masa Club de Tacos.

Sometimes I wonder if some higher power is playing the soundtrack to my life. Wouldn’t it be spectacular if we were all assigned DJ-ing deities

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