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All The Beers in San Telmo

When I first arrived here in 2007, the quality of the beer disappointed me. The good cheap pivo in Prague, where I’d lived for 5 years, had spoiled me. Quilmes, the Miller Light of Argentina, just wasn’t cutting it. Once I found

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The Walls of San Telmo Talk

Article by Rick Powell, founder of San Telmo Art & History Walk.

The walls of Buenos Aires are rarely blank and they never stop talking. It’s just that maybe we’re not always listening. After all, it’s hard

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The Artists’ Atelier Tour 1

The Artists’ Atelier Tour

Article by Rachael Leonie.  

Welcome to Artists’ Atelier Tour: Natalia Margiotta’s studio circuit that takes attendees behind the scenes and face-to-face with the most celebrated, impassioned, and forward-thinking artists of Buenos Aires

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The Wine Experience, Wine Tasting in Buenos Aires 3

The Wine Experience Is Not a Typical Wine Tasting

Article by Nora Wallenius.  

For those of you who have been to any type of wine tasting before (which I am hoping is everyone), there is only one thing guaranteed: red teeth. While drinking copious amounts of wine

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cabeceo narrative tango tours buenos aires

A Truer Tango for Tourists: Narrative Tango Tours

Article by Sharon Salt.  Photo – El Cabeceo, by Tom Gettelfinger.

Tango has earned its place on the top of any Buenos Aires tourist to-do list, and with good reason. But while plenty of tourists are happy to

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Buenos Aires Design Tour Personal Shopping Tours 3

Buenos Aires Design Tour

Article by Sharon Salt.

In the midst of all the clunky suede shoes, wide printed pants, and black mesh shirts, we have Luján Cordaro, Buenos Aires native and founder of Buenos Aires Design Tours, with her finger on the pulse of it all. Even after

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Tips for Planning Your Trip To Buenos Aires

By Nora Wallenius.  

Planning a trip to a foreign city may seem daunting and just a little bit nerve racking. Luckily, there are plenty of resources available, many of them easily accessible over the internet

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coconut and dulce de leche cakes, mini cakes, argentine dessert

Sweet on Sweet Buenos Aires: Indulging My Sweet Tooth in Palermo

By Sharon Salt.

Kelly Poindexter is a Wisconsin native, second time expat. When she was a girl, she remembers thinking she was an actual princess – probably

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Las Violetas, argentine candy

El Otro Porteño: Not Your Stereotypical Tour

Article by Sharon Salt.

I don’t wake up early on Monday mornings, and certainly not in winter, and certainly not to venture out of the house. (God forbid!) But last Monday, I woke up with the sun, had my

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Buenos Aires Foodie Tour - Cooking Class

My Beautiful Air’s Foodie Foto Tour

Over the past three years I’ve had the chance to try out some of the best tours in Buenos Aires.  After seeing how the professionals do it, I decided to come up with my own tour, to share a few of my favorite Buenos Aires things with the world

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