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The Juice Bar Palermo Soho 4

The Factory: Buenos Aires’ First & Only Thriving Juice Bar

By Rachel Leonie.  

Of all the romantic anecdotes about expats finding their way to Buenos Aires, there isn’t one quite like Ayaz and Liyanleth’s. But then again, if there was, maybe I wouldn’t have

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Broeders Craft Beer at NOLA Buenos Aires Restaurant 6


Review by our resident chef and food writer: Kevin Vaughn, of MASA fame.

I think that it was around the moment that the sound of Notorious B.I.G.’s “Juicy” filled the room, me on my second pint and seriously chowing

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Caseros San Telmo Restaurant Buenos Aires - oranges

Caseros: Hearty Helpings on Dainty Dishes

By Vivi Rathbone.

Simple food done well – soft, bright, airy atmosphere – hearty dishes served on vintage floral print porcelain – ending it all with a lovely little coffee – when paired with the right company, this could become

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Cinnamon Rolls with Raisins and Vanilla Custard

Sasha: Great Pastries in Recoleta

I was on my way to an event and my arms were full or packages to deliver.  I picked up a taxi on the busy corner next to my street and told him my destination.

“Vamos.” He replied as he drove off.

“Vamoooooos”, I confirmed, in my imitation Argentine

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Ricotta Empanada, Esquina de los Flores

Esquina De Los Flores: Homestyle Vegetarian Food In Palermo Soho

Esquina de los Flores is the most unique Argentine restaurant.  It isn’t the fanciest, it isn’t the most exciting, but it is totally different than any other place I’ve been in the city.  Esquina is an all natural, vegetarian restaurant

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Chef Mun, Korean Food Buenos Aires

Daore: Korean BBQ in Floresta

I was having a weird day.  Normally when I go to sleep, I meditate on what I’m going to do the following day.  I think about what time I’m going to wake up.  I see myself making my bed, I choose my outfit in my mind.  I make a mental

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Dandy Brunch Buenos Aires Recoleta James

A Dandy, Indeed

Jamie came back to Buenos Aires after ten months in Los Angeles.  He used to call me baby, but now it was ‘babe’.   My one time muse was back for a quick visit.  So we went for brunch.

“You live in Beverly Hills, don’t

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Carnitas Taco with Mango


I stood in my small kitchen and pressed the imported Nicaraguan coffee grounds to the bottom of my red french press, and poured hot coffee into the two short tea cups, adding a dash of milk and a teaspoon of azucar negra.  I sat down across from Kevin

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I Latina with Chef Mun: Fusion of Fusion

I was wearing four inch heels but Mun insisted we take the bus.  We must have looked odd to the other passengers; a very tall American in a loud, red skirt, trying to keep her balance

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Pink Macaroon, Smeterling, Recoleta, Buenos Aires

Smeterling Patisserie

One day, we wandered through Recoleta, admiring the French architecture on our way to brunch.  I was rambling on about how I would remodel the back yard of the Brazilian Ambassador’s mansion, if I lived there, and pre-debating whether I wanted

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