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Cold Morning Remedy: Shredded Apple Oatmeal

It is 10 am on a Saturday morning and I don’t want to get out of bed, because my room is cold and I can hear the wind blowing outside.  I’m wide awake but unwilling to leave the warmth of my divinely comfortable bed.  The only thing that

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Malvon Villa Crespo Brunch in Buenos Aires Pancakes with currant jam

Malvon, A Favorite

Malvon is a favorite, but I use the word ‘favorite’ far too often, which negates its correctness.   This funky, run-down house in Villa Crespo serves up a noteworthy weekend brunch, and we all know: brunch is my favorite favorite.


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Rotssi Casserole Brunch for Dinner Recipe with Tomato Salad

Brunch for Dinner

This recipe is adapted from Cooking Light Rosti Casserole recipe.

Ever since I was a kid, I loved having breakfast for dinner.  Since Argies aren’t big on hearty breakfasts, now breakfast for dinner is my best chance to eat brunch foods, which

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