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Top 15 Favorite Things I Ate & Drank in 2015

In years past, what excited me most about going home for Christmas was the eating (I love you, Mom). It became a ritual. Somewhere around September or October I’d begin working out again – not because of the approaching

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Brunch at M Palermo, or Give Me All the Shrimp

I’m not much of a bruncher. But before you light those pitchforks, let me explain. I’m not one to turn down salmon gravlax or eggs benedict (read: I don’t turn down food; read: cook for me!). I will welcome with open

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Birkin Buenos Aires Restaurant Palermo Botanico

Birkin: Brunch Is For Hipsters

There’s a new place in my neighborhood that has great coffee, but it’s full of hipsters.”  Someone told me.

Hipsters in Buenos Aires?  Are hipsters still a thing?  What is a hipster, really, anyway?

On a recent trip to Portland

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HierbaBuena - Buenos Aires Brunch - French Toast

Too Much of a Good Thing: Brunch at Hierbabuena

Review and Photos by Sharon Salt.

Hierbabuena has a brunch. Hierbabuena, my favorite restaurant in all of Buenos Aires, maybe ever, has a brunch.

Unfortunately, I had never been able to participate in this Eventful Meal because I was never quite willing

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Pain au Chocolat

Give Us This Day Le Pain Quotidien

I studied abroad in Southwest France.  It was divine.

When I arrived, I spoke no French.  When I left I was fluent.  Today, I speak no French.

On my first day in town, my French neighbor told me: “There are only two phrases you need to know

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Potato, Leek, Onion and Cheese Brunch Casserole

Potato, Onion, and Leek Casserole, A Brunch-Worthy Dinner

Sometimes I can’t wait until Sunday morning to have brunch.  Sometimes I need to have brunch on Thursday evening.  Brinner, anyone?  This vegetarian casserole was simple to make, hearty and delicious.  It made a great dinner, and would be

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Dandy Brunch Buenos Aires Recoleta James

A Dandy, Indeed

Jamie came back to Buenos Aires after ten months in Los Angeles.  He used to call me baby, but now it was ‘babe’.   My one time muse was back for a quick visit.  So we went for brunch.

“You live in Beverly Hills, don’t

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Sirop Folie Best Buenos Aires Brunch Recoleta Pancakes

Syrup Madness, A Brunch Affair

In an attempt to avoid cliches, I won’t write how many words a picture is worth.  I’ll only say that my words would detract from these handsome pictures, so I shan’t say another . . .

Sirop Folie: A Photo Blog By Dreamy Dean and the Noble Nikon


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Olsen Buenos Aires Brunch Palermo Hollywood Granola Parfait

Take Me To Brunch Or Lose Me Forever

Here’s something about me: I don’t like going to the same restaurant twice, but I make exceptions for worthy invitations.

Dean suggested Olsen for brunch, but let me make the ultimate decision.  I suggested ten other restaurants, which

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