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What to Do, See, and Eat in Belgrano

Belgrano isn’t a neighborhood that pops up on most people’s radars. Tourists prefer its trendier Palermo neighbor while exploring, and locals and expats not from the area are more likely to visit it once every blue

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Proyecto Duo Turns the City’s Medianeras into Giant Canvases

Article by Sorcha O’Higgins.

The medianeras of Buenos Aires are a distinctly porteño architectural feature. Rising up to tower above the smaller-scale buildings in their shadows, these blank side walls of high-rise apartment buildings

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Korean BBQ @ BBQ Town, Buenos Aires, Argentina

An Argentine Reacts: Korean BBQ

Expats regularly complain that Argentines lack palatal adventure. We went straight to the source to test their taste buds.

When I invited my friend Esteban to help me review BBQ Town, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sure, Argentines can be open when

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Pretty Books, Bainbridge Island, WA

Where to Buy English Books in Buenos Aires

Article by Brennan Lake.

Sorry, Ateneo didn’t make the list.

Forrest Gump might have said “Life is like a book store in Buenos Aires.”  For a city that abounds with bookstores, it can be surprisingly hard to find what you are looking

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Las Violetas, argentine candy

El Otro Porteño: Not Your Stereotypical Tour

Article by Sharon Salt.

I don’t wake up early on Monday mornings, and certainly not in winter, and certainly not to venture out of the house. (God forbid!) But last Monday, I woke up with the sun, had my

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Frances Ren Expat Entrepreneur Buenos Aires

The Lost Asian’s Hidden Kitchen

Frances Ren has been a foodie since birth.  Growing up in Bangkok she was naturally drawn to the kitchen, and as an adolescent living in San Francisco she dreamt of going to culinary school.  Instead, she studied Chinese medicine; a path that lead

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Sunset Stock 15

Questions About Expat Buenos Aires, Answered

I received some questions from a reader, so here are the answers for everyone:

1) What do you love and hate most about your decision to live in BA?

I love the people.  In my experience they have been friendly, welcoming, fun and interesting.

I love walking

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