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Fernet Cocktail Recipe with Grapefruit and Bourbon 3

Fernet Con Pomelo? Beautiful Booze!

Confession:  I have only had fernet with coke.  It never occurred to me to mix that bitter bevie with anything else, not at least until I had expert advice from a true cocktail professional.

Enter Natalie Migliarini of


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Doppleganger Bar, San Telmo, Cocktails in Buenos Aires, bellepoir

Doppelganger: No Beer, No Wine, No Soda and No Nonsense

By Sharon Salt.

It’s unlikely that you’ve walked pas Doppelganger, as it’s in San Telmo, and not Plaza Dorrego San Telmo, more like Parque Lezama San Telmo – a fair

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Milion - Rose Wine

Milion – Haunted Recoleta Mansion

Of all the bars in Buenos Aires, I have one favorite.  In fact this bar is so good that I have no need for any other.  It is called Bar Milion, and it is a beautiful bar and restaurant converted from an old mansion in Recoleta.  This gorgeously

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