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In the Honeycomb

Stepping into Trystan Bates’ workspace, the first thing I noticed was its sleek simplicity – only a handful of small, colorful pieces were hung up on the walls, with a single black and white table occupying the

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Galeria Mar Dulce - Buenos Aires Art - Linda, desk

Palermo’s Favorite Art Gallery: Linda Neilson’s Mar Dulce

It all started when Linda Neilson tried to buy prints for her baby’s nursery here in Buenos Aires. To her dismay, the high-end galleries were not only expensive <span

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Buenos Aires Weekly Event Roundup: Sept 28 – Oct 4

A hand picked selection of our favorite things to see, eat, listen to, and dance with this week in Buenos Aires.

See An Art Show

Clear out Thursday evening because GIRA, Gallery Nights hipper little brother, will be

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ira de dios

Behind the Scenes of Art Gallery ‘La Ira de Dios’

I’ve been getting familiar with the Buenos Aires art scene for a while now, bobbing in and out of a few gallery openings, or indulging in the occasional temporary art installation. I’ve taken my curious eyes all

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Minimalism is Nothing Nominal at Mundo Nuevo Gallery

Article by Nora Wallenius.

For those of us looking for some brightness to cheer up a cold winter in Buenos Aires, look no further than the new exhibit at Mundo

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Remodeled Vision: A New Exhibit at Galeria Dacil

Article by Nora Wallenius.

Re-Make/Re-Model, the third exhibit in the FRESCO art program at Galeria dacil, opened this Wednesday, July 16 in a

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In Review: MUJERES X MUJERES Exhibit

By Rachael Leonie.

What do you get when you unite three powerful female artists under one roof? A powerful, poignant collision of history, gender, and art. And that’s exactly the type

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Defining the Undefinable with New Exhibit at Galeria Dacil flyer_marina_font

Defining the Undefinable with New Exhibit at Galeria Dacil

Article by Nora Wallenius.

Galeria dacil opened this exhibit of artist and photographyer Marina Font from Cordoba earlier in June. El Peso de Las Cosas (The Weight of Things) determines the “weight”

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Galeria Mar Dulce Alone In The Woods – A New Exhibit

For her exhibition Waldeinsamkeit or the Sensation of Being Alone in a Wood in Galería Mar Dulce, Sofia Wiñazki presents a flock of almost 50 birds: works in small format; some in watercolour, others in pencil. Two landscapes

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Guarani Pora Paraguayan gallery and shop Buenos Aires 8

Guarani Pora: A Paraguayan Gallery

Article by Sharon Salt.

To find Guarani Pora, a Paraguayan gallery and shop, I first have to cross through a clothing store. I ring the bell, wait for the attendant, and then follow her behind a wall to the back of the floor where there is

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