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Friendship Tereré Cocktails at Shout

I’ve been loud and clear about my general meh attitude for downtown, and that it takes a very special hot

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Korean BBQ @ BBQ Town, Buenos Aires, Argentina

An Argentine Reacts: Korean BBQ

Expats regularly complain that Argentines lack palatal adventure. We went straight to the source to test their taste buds.

When I invited my friend Esteban to help me review BBQ Town, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sure, Argentines can be open when

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OX Portland Argentine Restaurant Wine List

Ox: Argentine Food Might Be Better In Portland

 I hadn’t been in a taxi since I’d left Argentina.

I also hadn’t seen a parrilla, or eaten an empanada, or seen Tatiana since I’d left Argentina either.

So this was a big night for me. 

Three of us piled into a taxi in SE Portland, and headed

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Argentine experience steak

Cultural Crash Course + Steak + Malbec = The Argentine Experience

By Sharon Salt.

Of all the foods and drinks most strongly associated with Argentina, empanadas, steak, alfajores, wine, and mate have got to be the top five. Normally I wouldn’t suggest eating them all in one meal, but when attending a <a href="

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Buenos Aires Foodie Tour - Cooking Class

My Beautiful Air’s Foodie Foto Tour

Over the past three years I’ve had the chance to try out some of the best tours in Buenos Aires.  After seeing how the professionals do it, I decided to come up with my own tour, to share a few of my favorite Buenos Aires things with the world

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Argentine Empanada Recipe 3



(pronounced ehm-pah-nah-das)

Empanadas are a popular and practical local specialty. They come in different flavors and regional styles. Empanadas are convenient and easily transportable. They can be served as a meal, or appetizer, and are

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