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What We Really Eat For A Week In Argentina

Buenos Aires Food Journal

Three Days of What’s On Our Table & In Our Stomachs

By Sharon Salt

 Sometimes, people are curious about what Argentines actually eat. I never know how to answer. I suppose there are only two courses of action, anyway: a) gross generalizations, and b) speaking for myself and myself only. 


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Io Sono Shokuhin Japanese Closed Door Restaurant in Buenos Aires 3

Italy And The Orient Behind Closed Doors: Io Sono Shokuhin

by Kevin Vaughn.

It was Friday night, about 8pm and I was sitting in a stuffy classroom at the Facultad de Economia. A relevant aside, scheduling lectures exclusively on Monday and Friday nights should be punishable

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Empanadas de Humita Recipe Creamed Corn Pastry Vegetarian Cooking in Buenos Aires

Top 7 Foods from Buenos Aires

Article by Sharon Salt.

You haven’t finished seeing Buenos Aires until your stomach has had its fill, too. Here are the top seven foods (okay okay, foods and drinks) you need to check off before you can say you’ve seen – and tasted – it all:



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Caseros San Telmo Restaurant Buenos Aires - oranges

Caseros: Hearty Helpings on Dainty Dishes

By Vivi Rathbone.

Simple food done well – soft, bright, airy atmosphere – hearty dishes served on vintage floral print porcelain – ending it all with a lovely little coffee – when paired with the right company, this could become

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OX Portland Argentine Restaurant Wine List

Ox: Argentine Food Might Be Better In Portland

 I hadn’t been in a taxi since I’d left Argentina.

I also hadn’t seen a parrilla, or eaten an empanada, or seen Tatiana since I’d left Argentina either.

So this was a big night for me. 

Three of us piled into a taxi in SE Portland, and headed

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coconut and dulce de leche cakes, mini cakes, argentine dessert

Sweet on Sweet Buenos Aires: Indulging My Sweet Tooth in Palermo

By Sharon Salt.

Kelly Poindexter is a Wisconsin native, second time expat. When she was a girl, she remembers thinking she was an actual princess – probably

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Hernan Gipponi La Experiencia Gourmet de Navarro Correas Egg at 68c

A Dinner Worthy of a Thank You Note: The Hernán Gipponi Restaurant

Dear Senior Gipponi,

Thank you so much for the divine dinner last weekend!  Nora and I had a lovely evening.  We had heard so much about your restaurant after seeing <a href="

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Cafe San Juan San Telmo Best Restaurant Buenos Aires Braised Pork

Nothing Typical at Café San Juan

Variety seeking gourmet diners will suffer greatly in Buenos Aires. However the situation became much less dire for this foodie upon the enlightening discovery of Café San Juan.

Deep in the heart of San Telmo, on a lonely Avenue that I wouldn’t

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Cabana Las Lilas Puerto Madero Steak House

Cabaña Las Lilas

Dre and I quickly got settled into our BA vacation schedule.  Wake up at eleven, site-see until three and then tuck into a three hour long lunch.

That’s when the day really got started.  One rainy day I took Dre to Puerto Madero for one of my

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Social Paraiso French Restaurants Buenos Aires Flan and Pear

Social Paraiso

Thank God for for friends who like going out to restaurants as much as I do.

Laura and I partook in a delicious meal at Palermo’s Social Paraiso.

I adored this place.  The decor is perfect understated elegance.  Classy enough to make you feel

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