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All the Soup in Buenos Aires

Gimme the soup, gimme the soup!

I mostly wanted to write this article to make a Biggie reference, but also to thank the BA food gods for finally getting up on their soup game. As many long-term expats can attest to, the local food scene has (tread lightly

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Friendship Luncheon at Roux Resto

When I moved to Buenos Aires at the ripe age of 23, fresh out of college, mostly (read: completely) skill-less and ready to drink as much fernet and coke as it took to transform into a porteño, I was above all things, poor.


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wine tour4

A Night Out with Wine Tour Urbano

You know that feeling when you show up three hours late to the party? Everyone knows each other, having a blast chatting and drinking, and you wonder what an amazing time you’ve just missed out on? That’s how I felt when I heard about Wine

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Living Organic in Buenos Aires

Eating organic in Buenos Aires takes a bit of work and planning, but the extra effort is worth every delicious bite. Some of you may know that Monsanto is in full

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gap journey 2

Gap Journey: BA Start-Up with a Twist

Article by Rachael Leonie

“We’re going skydiving. Want to join?” Seconds ago, the young boss had politely excused himself from our interview to take a call, so naturally I was scribbling furiously in my notebook in an attempt to both busy myself

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The BA Tourist Traps That Are Actually Worth a Visit

Article by Nora Wallenius

In the world of travel, the word sightseeing often conjures negative connotations. Getting a local feel for the city has become the ‘correct’ way to travel. When did sightseeing become something only gawky

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