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Kevin Vaughn, MASA Burger Night

Lessons in Burger Partying

Article by Kevin Vaughn.  You know him by now.   

My “American-ness” generally makes me feel like a walking contradiction. I get flustered and defensive when people say that healthy eating does not exist in the United States. We’re just a bunch

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MASA Club de Tacos, Food in Buenos Aires Argentina, BBQ Chicken Wings

The Expat Dilemma: What to Eat on Independence Day Abroad

Recipe by Kevin Vaughn, from MASA Club De Tacos

I have mostly fond memories of Independence Day. Every year my family would trek to my Aunt and Uncle’s house where they were in charge of a bake sale for their small

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El Tejano Texas BBQ Closed Door Buenos Aires BBQ Corn

El Tejano, Texas BBQ and Hot Sauce

Meet Larry, a Buenos Aires expat from Texas, with a knack for making some great BBQ:

The Buenos Aires dining scene never becomes boring thanks to the closed doors and pop-up restaurants.  One such closed door, offering traditional Texas BBQ is El Tejano

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