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Matador Meetup, Friday 8PM, Juanele AR HQ, Travelers Take Note


On Friday, July 22nd at 8PM, Juanele AR will host a Matador Meetup in Buenos Aires. The idea is to make it a night

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Contributors to Juanele

Ariel Authier

Born as a fetishist at the same time the first single from Roxy Music was issued at the opposite side of the world, Ariel Authier always had problems telling the difference between the real and the copy, art and pornography, between his left and

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Quiénes somos

[box type=”info”]JUANELE AR es un blog, lo estás leyendo en este momento y se actualiza tres veces por semana. Subscribite a Juanele Weekly para mantenerte informado sobre las inauguraciones

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The original Juanele AR blog was published 2010-2011. It was founded, designed and edited by Rick Powell and funded by Conyers Thompson. The Spanish language editor was Gabriela Schevach. You can read about the other folks who contributed here.


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