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The Making of Mujeres Con Pelotas

Article by Sharon Salt.  

Ginger Gentile and Gabriel Balanovsky are busy, busy, busy. When I talk with them in their studio about their latest documentary, Mujeres Con Pelotas, our conversation

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Que Dicen Los Yanquis Dustin Luke

Cosas Que Dicen Los Argentinos Hecho Por Un Yanqui

Dustin Luke Launches His New Web Series To The Masses!

American YouTube star Dustin Luke, is back to business with a new web series

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Coherence Movie

Best BAFICI Take-Away: Coherence

Article by Sharon Salt.

Every year I go to BAFICI, and every year there’s one movie that I love so much, I want to take it home and cuddle with it and show it to all my friends. This year, that movie is Coherence

And this year, I want

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Soy Buenos Aires Calixta Productions

Soy Buenos Aires: A Calixta Producciones Short

By Sharon Salt.

Teaser – I am Buenos Aires (English Subtitles) from Calixta Producciones on Vimeo.

Tomás Gómez Bustillo, founder and creative director of production

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Dustin Luke 1

Dustin Luke Tells Us: Why Argentina?

Interview by Vivi Rathbone.

August, 2008, Buenos Aires – Sitting in the office of the owner of a large Buenos Aires night club, loudly negotiating in perfect Spanish exact terms with the club owner

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The BAFICI Made Easy

Article by Kevin Vaughn.

This is going to be the fourth time that I attend the BAFICI (Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival) and have learned from my mistakes.  Choosing a solid list of films to watch

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Malena Pichot - La-Nacion, Buenos Aires Argentina

Malena Pichot Taught Me Spanish

By Sharon Salt.

Malena Pichot, Argentine comedienne extraordinaire, is basically my Spanish teacher. (Well, her and my boyfriend.)

Having never taken a structured Spanish

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Five Favorite Maná Songs

Maná is the most famous Latin rock band in the world – but for those of us native English speakers, who didn’t grow up listening to latin rock, (or watching the Grammys) that information may have eluded

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Five Favorite Shakira Songs

I don’t know why everyone idolizes Beyonce.  Anyone who knows anything knows that Shakira is The Real Deal.  She only seems to get noticed in the States for her undeniable sex appeal, but what else is undeniable

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Daft Punk Gauchos

Thanks Sharon Salt for this great find!

What happens when two Argentine gauchos meet Daft Punk?  An asado, obvio, and some beautiful music.