Buenos Aires Aerial photography drone shot hunters

Aerial Photography and Video of Buenos Aires

Video created by Hunter Thain, creator and proprietor of Shot Hunters Media – an aerial photography company.  Hunter studied abroad in Buenos Aires

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Meet the Talented Trio Behind Fémina

You know what really does it for me? Waking up to a hot cup of coffee and discovering new music. It’s part of my morning ritual. My first taste of Fémina was this video filmed for their song Deshice de mí while

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Buenos Aires After Office – A Beautiful Timelapse

Buenos Aires – After Office (Hyperlapse video) from Misty Morning on Vimeo.

Love this video tour of the beautiful city of Buenos Aires!  What a wonderful visual tour of some highlight landmarks and neighborhoods

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Lulacruza’s Rooted Beats: New Album “Orcas” Releases April 14th

Article by Grace Portillo.

I consider myself an open-minded person when it comes to music. There’s truly a few exceptions of genres that I dislike, or should I say wouldn’t prefer. The first time I heard Lulacruza’s music, I was seduced by their

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girl walks home 3_picmonkeyed

Two Handfuls of Movies to Watch at This Year’s BAFICI

Article by part-time taco man and full-time movie snob Kevin Vaughn.

All those movie snobs out there raise yo hands!

*Raises hand*

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a culture snob. And you know what? It’s ok. Life is too short to consume bad art – whether

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Voice of Reason: A Tango Singing Teacher & Her Way with Words

Interview by Rachael Leonie.

Thursday’s interview started just like any other. Sitting in AnnA’s tranqui apartment, just slightly removed from the whizzing of cars and colectivos down Corrientes, I listened to the impassioned artist as she told

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5 Argentine Movies for a Lazy Sunday

Article by Kevin Vaughn.

Sunday, November 3rd. 2pm.

It’s raining gatos y perros outside (no one actually says that but shhhh). The streets are flooded enough to discourage any ideas about going outside even if it’s just to cross the street to grab something from the market

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the 2 bears performing at Music Wins

An Interview with Music Wins DJ’s The 2 Bears

Article by Anna Lowe.

On November 23rd and 24th Palermo’s Manderine Park will be host to a brand new music festival ‘Music Wins’. Unlike other, more pop-y or electronic festivals in Buenos Aires, Music

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Street Art Murals Graffiti Buenos Aires Musicians

Not To Miss Spring Music Events

Article by George Nelson.

There’s a wide selection of music to choose from in Buenos Aires during the second half of September through October and November. With tango, blues, rock

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