Antares Beer, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Brewery

Antares – Cerveza Artesenal in Palermo Soho

Should one ever desire a change from red wine or the ubiquitous Quilmes, head to Antares for the nicer side of Argentine brewed beer.  The high ceilings of the warehouse style interior with cool blue hued walls contrast the warm copper beer kettles

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Las Cabras Parilla Palermo Hollywood Parillada Completa

Las Cabras

It’s Tuesday night at 9:30pm and I’ve been thinking about steak all day long.  Finally I’ve made it to Las Cabras – a popular dinner destination for many a Porteño.  Even early on a Tuesday the large dining room is filled

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Cafe San Juan San Telmo Best Restaurant Buenos Aires Braised Pork

Nothing Typical at Café San Juan

Variety seeking gourmet diners will suffer greatly in Buenos Aires. However the situation became much less dire for this foodie upon the enlightening discovery of Café San Juan.

Deep in the heart of San Telmo, on a lonely Avenue that I wouldn’t

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Milion - Rose Wine

Milion – Haunted Recoleta Mansion

Of all the bars in Buenos Aires, I have one favorite.  In fact this bar is so good that I have no need for any other.  It is called Bar Milion, and it is a beautiful bar and restaurant converted from an old mansion in Recoleta.  This gorgeously

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Cabana Las Lilas Puerto Madero Steak House

Cabaña Las Lilas

Dre and I quickly got settled into our BA vacation schedule.  Wake up at eleven, site-see until three and then tuck into a three hour long lunch.

That’s when the day really got started.  One rainy day I took Dre to Puerto Madero for one of my

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Social Paraiso French Restaurants Buenos Aires Flan and Pear

Social Paraiso

Thank God for for friends who like going out to restaurants as much as I do.

Laura and I partook in a delicious meal at Palermo’s Social Paraiso.

I adored this place.  The decor is perfect understated elegance.  Classy enough to make you feel

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Osaka Yuku Peruvian Oriental Restaurant Palermo Hollywood Ceviche

Osaka Yuku: Peruvian Japanese Flavor Tango

If you’re looking for a unique and expensive meal, try Osaka Yuku, Palermo’s Peruvian Japanese fusion restaurant.  Yuku’s inventive chefs take traditional Peruvian ingredients

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Bio Vegetarian Restaurant Palermo Hollywood Quinoa with Brie

Bio – Vegetarian Friendly Dining in BA

Simultaneously exotic, yet familiar of the foods I once ate – Bio is one of the few organic and vegetarian restaurants in Buenos Aires.

I took Blair here for her first night in town.  Blair has been vegetarian for the last year, so I thought

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San Telmo Shokudo Sushi Platter Buenos Aires Japanese

San Telmo Shokudo

Until recently, I was not so excited about sushi in Buenos Aires, which usually consists of simple salmon rolls or nigiri.

On Wednesday night I tried Shokudo and my faith in Buenos Aires Sushi has been restored!

San Telmo Shokudo was a lovely reminder

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