Top 15 Favorite Things I Ate & Drank in 2015

In years past, what excited me most about going home for Christmas was the eating (I love you, Mom). It became a ritual. Somewhere around September or October I’d begin working out again – not because of the approaching

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cocktails at shout, buenos aires, argentina

Friendship Tereré Cocktails at Shout

I’ve been loud and clear about my general meh attitude for downtown, and that it takes a very special hot

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Food at @ Do Fu, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Authentic Chinese Food in the Middle of Villa Crespo

Chinese food has been ruined for me by one evening where the stars aligned and I had Chinese take-out so delicious it made my toes curl. It was just two years ago, sometime between Christmas and New Years and I was visiting

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Osaka, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Treat Yo Self to Nikkei at Osaka

For the love of baby Jesus and all that is holy, please don’t be wearing sweat pants, I frantically whatsapped my

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iLatina, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Discovering Latin America with Every Bite at iLatina

Flavor. That’s what I look for in food. Bold, dangerous, and sometimes just downright confusing flavor.

In Buenos Aires, spicy, sour, and smoky are harder to find than a pastry that isn’t drowning in dulce de leche

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Korean Food @ BBQ Town, Buenos Aires, Argentina

BBQ Town: Korean Food is Closer Than You Think

I am what some might define as a lazy human being. Meaning that after work, I tend to spend my nights watching Netflix, rather than playing football with friends or organizing another La Bomba del Tiempo outing. If your plan falls anywhere

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seafood pasta

La Locanda, An Italian Love Song

I struggle to start writing about La Locanda, not because I disliked it (I loved it), not because of writer’s block, but because after half a bottle of merlot and two shots of Grappa (because we “did it wrong”

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Kentucky, Pizza in Buenos Aires, Fast Food, calabresa pizza avenida sante fe

Kentucky: La Mejor Pizza A Las 6 De La Mañana

I kind of like being single on Valentines Day.

“Do you want to be single together?”  Kevin asked me.

Best invitation ever?  Yes.

Thus began a particularly epic Valentine’s Day that lasted twelve full hours and ended with me falling

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Doppleganger Bar, San Telmo, Cocktails in Buenos Aires, bellepoir

Doppelganger: No Beer, No Wine, No Soda and No Nonsense

By Sharon Salt.

It’s unlikely that you’ve walked pas Doppelganger, as it’s in San Telmo, and not Plaza Dorrego San Telmo, more like Parque Lezama San Telmo – a fair

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Hernan Gipponi La Experiencia Gourmet de Navarro Correas Egg at 68c

A Dinner Worthy of a Thank You Note: The Hernán Gipponi Restaurant

Dear Senior Gipponi,

Thank you so much for the divine dinner last weekend!  Nora and I had a lovely evening.  We had heard so much about your restaurant after seeing <a href="http://ameliamcgoldrickblog.com/2012/06/08/hernan-gipponi-restaurante-yum-tastic-ness/

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