Casa Coupage: Buenos Aires Closed Door Restaurant for Wine Lovers 8

After Dining At Casa Coupage, No Other Restaurant Will Ever Please Us

By Kevin Vaughn.

As we left the comedor of Casa Coupage, my eating partner, socia and general favorite lady pal Evy said to me, “Sometimes perfection seems effortless”.  That’s exactly how I felt in that moment, and how I still

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verne club buenos aires closed door events

Your Weekly Closed Door Restaurant Guide: May 19 -25

By Kevin Vaughn.   

Buenos Aires is a city filled with secrets waiting to be discovered. Behind a random entrance to an apartment building could be the best meal in Buenos Aires. The closed door restaurant scene is active with more than

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Main Course, Casa Coupage Closed Door Buenos Aires

Your Weekly Closed Door Guide: May 14th – 17th

Maybe one of the things we like so much about Buenos Aires is that it is a city that one can never finish discovering. Just when you thought you had it, it throws a new surprise at you. Part of that charm

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MASA Chef Cooks Up Comfort Food

Article by Sharon Salt.

MASA die-hards, take note: as of late, this Club de Tacos might be more aptly named Club of All Foods Good and Hard-to-Find<span style="line-height

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Source: Jueves a la Mesa

Your Weekly Closed Door Guide: May 7th – 10th

by Kevin Vaughn.  

All the expats that have been living here for more than a few years, the ones that were in the trenches when the BA food landscape was a lot cheese and bread, raise your glass! Food in Buenos Aires has evolved significantly

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Brisket MASA Promotional Poster

Your Weekly Closed Door Restaurant Guide

By Kevin Vaughn.

If you need evidence that the food game in Buenos Aires is in the midst of a beautiful revolution look no further than the closed door scene. New spaces are opening up left and right and with every new project come fresh ideas

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Broeders Craft Beer at NOLA Buenos Aires Restaurant 6


Review by our resident chef and food writer: Kevin Vaughn, of MASA fame.

I think that it was around the moment that the sound of Notorious B.I.G.’s “Juicy” filled the room, me on my second pint and seriously chowing

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steaks by luis closed door parilla buenos aires ojo de bife

Steaks By Luis: A Closed Door Parrilla

By Kevin Vaughn. (You should know who he is by now.)

It’s not every Tuesday night that I end up at Soria sharing Honey Sours at 2am with two complete strangers. But that’s the wonderful part of the Buenos Aires closed door dinner scene. For one

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Kevin Vaughn, MASA Burger Night

Lessons in Burger Partying

Article by Kevin Vaughn.  You know him by now.   

My “American-ness” generally makes me feel like a walking contradiction. I get flustered and defensive when people say that healthy eating does not exist in the United States. We’re just a bunch

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Crab and Gumbo NOLA Closed Door Restaurant Buenos Aires

NOLA Chef Dishes on Life as A Closed Door Restaurateur

By Vivi Rathbone.

Confession:  I am a fan.  I met Liza Puglia, of NOLA Chef fame through her blog, then Twitter, then Facebook, then real life.  First she was a chef, then a blogger, then the star of her own pop-up

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