Meraviglia, Organic Vegetarian Merienda Palermo Hollywood Cafe con Tostados

Meraviglia: Organic, Vegetarian Merienda in Palermo Hollywood

 The ‘organic movement’ has not caught on in Argentina as it has in the states.  With fewer consumer options and a different commerce structure you won’t find an organic produce section in the grocery store.  While grass fed beef

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Dandy Brunch Buenos Aires Recoleta James

A Dandy, Indeed

Jamie came back to Buenos Aires after ten months in Los Angeles.  He used to call me baby, but now it was ‘babe’.   My one time muse was back for a quick visit.  So we went for brunch.

“You live in Beverly Hills, don’t

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Sirop Folie Best Buenos Aires Brunch Recoleta Pancakes

Syrup Madness, A Brunch Affair

In an attempt to avoid cliches, I won’t write how many words a picture is worth.  I’ll only say that my words would detract from these handsome pictures, so I shan’t say another . . .

Sirop Folie: A Photo Blog By Dreamy Dean and the Noble Nikon


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Olsen Buenos Aires Brunch Palermo Hollywood Granola Parfait

Take Me To Brunch Or Lose Me Forever

Here’s something about me: I don’t like going to the same restaurant twice, but I make exceptions for worthy invitations.

Dean suggested Olsen for brunch, but let me make the ultimate decision.  I suggested ten other restaurants, which

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Malvon Villa Crespo Brunch in Buenos Aires Pancakes with currant jam

Malvon, A Favorite

Malvon is a favorite, but I use the word ‘favorite’ far too often, which negates its correctness.   This funky, run-down house in Villa Crespo serves up a noteworthy weekend brunch, and we all know: brunch is my favorite favorite.


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A Porcelain Teacup of Happiness at Felicidad

Felicidad is Spanish for Happiness. Joy. Cheer. Satisfaction.

I met up with Amelia McGoldrick of Day Clicker Photo Tours

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Princess Tea at the Alvear Palace Hotel Recoleta Buenos Aires, Orangerie Dre

Princess Tea at the Alvear Palace Hotel

Princess Andrea and Princess Vina took high tea together at the Alvear Palace Hotel in Recoleta.

I’ve always been one for stuffy hotels and the Alvear Palace is impossible to beat.  I love the way my heels clack when walking down their polished

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