Yellow Curry Chicken Empanada

The Alternative Empanada, Vol 1: Chicken with Yellow Curry and Orange Sauce

Article by Kevin Vaughn, owner and taco mastermind at MASA

My test for whether an empanada place is good or not is the chicken empanada. I don’t care how good your carne al cuchillo game is, I don’t care if the

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Empanadas de Humita Recipe Creamed Corn Pastry Vegetarian Cooking in Buenos Aires

Empanadas de Humita

Find this post at it’s original home on the Buenos Aires Delivery Blog!

There is something magical about the simple humita empanada.  The exact definition of humita can change drastically depending on the country, but in Buenos Aires

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Homemade Spinach Empanada Recipe

Empanadas de Espinaca

These empanadas are simple, and delicious.  A good meatless option.


12 Empanada Pastry Sheets or ‘Tapas’  1 Package of Frozen Spinach 3 Tablespoons of Sour Cream 1

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Caprese Empanada Recipe

Bruschetta Empanadas

These Empanadas were inspired by my little sister Liz, who came up with the recipe.


Pastry Sheet Dough 4 Tomatos, Parboiled and Diced Fresh Basil Leaves Dollop

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Stacked Ricotta Veggie Empanada Argentine Recipe

Vegetable and Ricotta Empanadas

Empanadas that is!

A three week family trip around South America really made me realize that I love empanadas too much.  I really couldn’t wait to get back to Buenos Aires just to have some again.  I ate them for three days straight when I got

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Pesto Chicken Empanada Recipe Argentina Cooking

Pesto Chicken Empanadas

Pesto Chicken Empanadas


* I use store bought empanada pastry dough.  Any savory pastry crust will work, just cut into circles about 4 inches in diameter.


Dice the chicken breasts into small chunks.

Mix in pesto and cheese.

Take your

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Traditional Carne Argentine Meat Empanadas Recipe Serving

Empanadas de Carne al Cuchillo

What do you do with leftover meat after an asado?

There is only one answer: make empanadas!  I had never made meat empanadas before, but had tried this traditional type of meat empanadas and loved them!  So of course, I had to try to make my own.


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Argentine Empanada Recipe 3



(pronounced ehm-pah-nah-das)

Empanadas are a popular and practical local specialty. They come in different flavors and regional styles. Empanadas are convenient and easily transportable. They can be served as a meal, or appetizer, and are

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