Argentine Candy Tita Kiosko

5 Favorite Argentine Candies

Picking out a candy bar at the corner kiosk can be an intimidating process when all the candy is foreign.  What do you do, when none of your familiar brands are in sight, and the risks are high?  After all, you don’t want to choose blindly

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Dandy Brunch Buenos Aires Recoleta Medialunas

5 Favorite Things that I Love about Food in Buenos Aires

Article by Vivi Rathbone.

I often focus too much on the negative in Buenos Aires.  While it is a truly unique city, it hasn’t captured my heart the way other cities, like Athens, Rome and Seattle have.  Sure, it may not be my paradise, but there

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Argentine Spring Asado Tradition Dancing

The Argentine Asado

The Yanqui Asado finished at 3am on Sunday (an early night by Argentine standards) and the Argentine Asado started at 1pm.  Needless to say, that is a lot of meat consumption in a short period.

Although the guest count was about the same, the Argentines

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Crazy Eye Dog Hungry for Asado

The Yanqui Asado

My dear old friend Sarah came back to Buenos Aires after spending the last few months back in the States.  We met during our TEFL course.  So in honor of her return visit, I hosted a celebration asado, and invited the other remaining friends from

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Argentine Food - Cheese Soufflé

The Executive Menu

Going out to dinner in Buenos Aires is unfortunately expensive for those of us who earn pesos.  Lunch on the other hand is a worker’s reward!  Restaurants offer a daily ‘menu ejecutivo’, which includes an appetizer, main course

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Luke eating Tarta de Verduras

What’s for Dinner?

Long after the sun sets, Argentines go home for dinner.

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Milk in a Plastic Bag, Argentina Grocery Products Leche

Milk in a Plastic Bag?

This took some getting used to. Also available in your local Buenos Aires supermercado – drinkable yogurt in a plastic bag!

Exprimo Homemade Orange Juice Machine


This has to be my favorite invention of all time.  My juicer.  It works as a simple, easy, no mess citrus press.  Just halve an orange, place in the press and turn the crank!  The Exprimo is extremely simple, consisting of three separable pieces

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Chocolate Mandarin Layer Cake

Let Them Eat Cake

I asked my friend Emily for advice about what to get my boyfriend for his birthday. Birthday gifts can be stressful in new relationships. You don’t want a gift that expresses an inappropriate amount of sentimentality, and adding a cultural division

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McKosher McDonald's Kosher


Buenos Aires is home to an impressively large Jewish population. It is a rare day when you don’t encounter a yamaka or two. So large in fact is this Jewish presence that specialized businesses have developed, such as a Kosher McDonalds. I know

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