Korean BBQ @ BBQ Town, Buenos Aires, Argentina

An Argentine Reacts: Korean BBQ

Expats regularly complain that Argentines lack palatal adventure. We went straight to the source to test their taste buds.

When I invited my friend Esteban to help me review BBQ Town, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sure, Argentines can be open when

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reina pepiada @ panachef, buenos aires, argentina

Three Venezuelan Restaurants in Five Days

Three Venezuelan Meals. One article. 120 hours. This was the challenge I gladly accepted from my editor Vivi. The Feria de Gastronomía

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pastries in buenos aires

The 5 Pastries You Meet in Argentina

Argentine facturas: they’re flakey, buttery, sometimes gooey, and always delicious. They’re the culprit of the extra kilos I felt just a month or two after arriving in Buenos Aires. But besides muffin top building blocks, what exactly are

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What We Really Eat For A Week In Argentina

Buenos Aires Food Journal

Three Days of What’s On Our Table & In Our Stomachs

By Sharon Salt

 Sometimes, people are curious about what Argentines actually eat. I never know how to answer. I suppose there are only two courses of action, anyway: a) gross generalizations, and b) speaking for myself and myself only. 


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Top 10 Candies in Argentina: Cabsha

Argentina’s Top 10 Candies

Intensive research and development by Rachael Leonie.  

Walk into your corner kiosk, and you’re faced with hundreds of different candy options. Whether craving an accompaniment for their mate or searching for that merienda sugar rush, Argentines

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Empanadas de Humita Recipe Creamed Corn Pastry Vegetarian Cooking in Buenos Aires

Top 7 Foods from Buenos Aires

Article by Sharon Salt.

You haven’t finished seeing Buenos Aires until your stomach has had its fill, too. Here are the top seven foods (okay okay, foods and drinks) you need to check off before you can say you’ve seen – and tasted – it all:



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Argentine Wines - What Wines to Try in Buenos Aires 3

CONVENIENT WINES: Top 5 Picks For Wine at the Convenience Store

Article by Sharon Salt.   

Look, clearly one of the best parts of living in Buenos Aires is the wine. The wine, the wine, some empanadas, and the wine. I feel obligated to point out that while it’s true that YES I drink a lot of wine

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Korean Kimchi Taco Recipe

The Monster Bulgogi Korean Taco Recipe, or: How I fell in love with Floresta

Article and Recipe by MASA Club de Tacos‘ visionary chef, Kevin Vaughn 

A few months ago a friend from New York visited Buenos Aires with his Korean girlfriend by way of Seoul. He didn’t speak a lick of Spanish, his girlfriend only Korean

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Chipa Recipe Argentine Cheese Puff Manioc Flour From Scratch


This post is dedicated to my amazing coworkers, because we all love chipa!

Everyday, we have the same discussion.  Sometime between 1:45 and 3:30pm, someone will ask: “What do you guys want to do for lunch?”.

Some days it’s: “I’m

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5 Favorite Things about Fernet

5 Favorite Things About Fernet

Argentina has many beverages to boast, from its fine wines to its bitter mate.  Sometimes left out from the tourist reviews is the ubiquitous Argie beverage of choice: Fernet.

5. History

What, you may be wondering, the

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