Expressions of Culture: A Buenos Aires Street Art Tour

I just had the coolest day.  And I have a lot of cool days, so that’s saying something.  I went on a Street Art Tour with Buenos Aires Street Art.

To see graffiti and murals is an unavoidable daily occurrence.  Public art enriches the already stimulating

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Jungle Gym: Exercise in the Open Air

It’s about 9:30 on a Tuesday morning. Not only am I out of bed but I’ve also eaten breakfast, gotten dressed and am (big breath) exercising. It’s an unusually warm May morning and I’m running laps around the skate

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Living Organic in Buenos Aires

Eating organic in Buenos Aires takes a bit of work and planning, but the extra effort is worth every delicious bite. Some of you may know that Monsanto is in full

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gap journey 2

Gap Journey: BA Start-Up with a Twist

Article by Rachael Leonie

“We’re going skydiving. Want to join?” Seconds ago, the young boss had politely excused himself from our interview to take a call, so naturally I was scribbling furiously in my notebook in an attempt to both busy myself

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The Jueves a la Mesa duo, courtesy of their Facebook page.

Jueves a la Mesa: Brand New Location, Same Delicious Vegetarian Eats

Article by Rachael Leonie.

If you’ve ever watched a Hollywood rom-com, you know what a meet-cute is (and if you’ve ever watched The Holiday you’ll remember it outlined perfectly, verbatim). It’s the scene in a movie when a couple comes

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Yoga for the People: Meet Meghan, Owner & Founder of Buena Onda Yoga

Article by Rachael Leonie.

After working in California’s education system for six years, Meghan moved to Buenos Aires to teach English for a change of pace. A longtime Yogi (and certified Yoga teacher on top of that), the English-teaching expat hopped

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foto ruta street photography tours of buenos aires 9

Outsmarting the Internet: Technology Tips for Expats

Article by Nora Wallenius.

As someone who does not consider herself very “technology savvy,” I tend to shy away from all talk relating to computers, codes, and the workings of the Internet. Basically, if I can check Facebook, I don’t really care

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Shiva Mangalam Yoga Buenos Aires 3

Momentos Tranquilos at Shiva Mangalam

Article by Ariel Olswanger, photos by Atenea Tello.

Before entering Shiva Mangalam, I had never tried yoga nor eaten in a vegan restaurant. But, I am all about trying new things and when a friend told me about the low cost yoga classes at Shiva, I

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Restaurant Meals for the Nostalgic Expat 1

Homesick? 5 Restaurant Meals for the Nostalgic Expat

Article by Rachael Leonie.

Empanadas and asados are great, but there comes a point when all you want is a stack of pancakes (or flakey croissant or crumbling lavash) and one of mom’s homemade dinners. Well, we can’t get your ma’ nor her

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Voice of Reason: A Tango Singing Teacher & Her Way with Words

Interview by Rachael Leonie.

Thursday’s interview started just like any other. Sitting in AnnA’s tranqui apartment, just slightly removed from the whizzing of cars and colectivos down Corrientes, I listened to the impassioned artist as she told

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